How To Grow My Instagram Account

The following methods can be used on ANY Instagram account, these techniques are not JUST for musicians and can be tweaked for your own niche.

How To Grow My Instagram Account

As there are thousands of people searching ‘How To Grow My Instagram Account’, we thought we would give you an insight into how we’re growing our Instagram account and others with ease. This is not a get followers quick guide and will require your time and effort to build your Instagram page up, however; this will grow your account at a steady rate and you will gain followers that actually care about your content and engaging with it.

Invest In Good Equipment.

First things first, if you’re going to be uploading music to Instagram, you’re going to need a good microphone. There are so many good microphones out there, starting from as little of around $40 and it is really going to take you to the next level.






Make sure you have a good camera, and if you can’t afford a good camera, 99% of smart phones today will do the trick! If you’re filming on a phone, film in HD and buy yourself this plug-in mobile mic by RODE, you won’t regret it!


We currently receive anything from 20-60 requests per day to be featured on our Instagram account and the first thing our team is looking for is high quality audio and video, it is extremely rare that this would be overlooked.

Have A Beautiful Looking Grid.

When uploading on Instagram it’s important to remember that you are uploading everything to a grid layout. Your posts may look beautiful by themselves, but have you stopped to consider what they might look like in the Instagram grid? You can use software such as UNUM to see what your upcoming photos/videos will look like in the grid before you post anything, this will help to ensure your grid is going to maintain beautiful when everything is uploaded and visitors come to your page.

Here are some examples of beautiful looking Instagram grids -

How To Grow My Instagram Account Grid Example
How To Grow My Instagram Account Beautiful Grid

Engage With Other People In Your Niche.

This is one of the most important points on this list. You MUST engage with other people that are in your niche. I would highly recommend liking around 30-40 images an hour and commenting on around 10 per hour throughout the day. Every like and comment you leave on someone else’s photo or video on Instagram will leave breadcrumbs back to your page and that person may become your newest follower.

Use All 30 Hashtags When You Upload Your Content.

Some people will tell you not to use all 30 hashtags, however in my opinion, that’s just bad advice: if you’re given 30 billboards for free to advertise your music, would you just use 4 and leave the other 26 blank? I didn’t think so either! A lot of people worry that the hashtags look spammy, so here is the solution for you; you leave your 30 hashtags as the first comment on your video or photo . The hashtags still count and no one can see the hashtags (unless they go into comments and find them).

What Hashtags Should I Use On My Instagram?

So at first you might thing the best thing to do is to find the biggest hashtags on Instagram for musicians, such as ‘#Acoustic #AcousticCover, #Guitar, #Singer etc). 


If you are using these hashtags your content is going to be getting lost straight away (unless you are an account with 150k+ followers). When you use a hashtag on Instagram, you’re trying to get your post in the ‘top posts’ for that hashtag, which for those big hashtags with over 100k posts on them, is going to be very difficult, unless you have a very large following. So how can you compete with that?



You need to come up with a list of hashtags that have between 10k – 50k posts (the lower the overall posts on a hashtag, the easier it is going to be to get to the top post in that hashtag). You can add in a couple of the bigger hashtags among the little hashtags as the little hashtags might boost your views/likes high enough to be noticed in the bigger hashtag top posts.




Here is our list of hashtags that we use on our content, you’re more than welcome to take it and use them for your own images;

#SingingCovers #BrightVoices #UpVoices #FiredVocal #VoiceViral #SingersSpotlight #CrazyVoicess #SingingASong #StarsUncovered #AspiringSinger #InstagramSingers #SingersAllAroundTheGlobe #SingersOfIG #VocalUniversity #MeetMyTalent #LitVoices #ImASingerSuperstar #TalentedSingers #CoverSinger #NewMusic2019 #NewSongAlert #2019Music #InstaMusicians #InstaMusically #MusiciansDaily #MusicCommunity #LocalMusicians #Patreon #UA #UnderdogAcoustic

Upload Once Per Day.

Make sure you are uploading at least once per day (I wouldn’t upload any more than twice in a day on a musician account). At first this may seem daunting but it really is worth it and once you’re in the swing of things you will start to do it without even thinking about it.

Make an effort to create new, fresh content all the time. For a musician on Instagram, I would recommend uploading 2 images and then a video (for example: day one – image, day two – image, day three – video, day four – image etc).

Stories Are There For A Reason, So Use Them!

Stories are another way to get more eyeballs on your Instagram Music, so use them! When you upload a new image or video, give people a little behind the scenes shot of what you’re up to in the day, remember you’re selling yourself as much as your music here, you are the brand.

When you use Instagram stories, make sure you use 6-8 hashtags in your story as when people are searching through Instagram, you can now view stories based on hashtags!




Always Tag Your Location On Instagram

This is one where I should really take my own advice as I’m usually in a rush and miss it! When you upload content to Instagram, always attach a location to your image or video. This will put your video under that location tag for all to see and smaller towns, cities can be quite easy to get your content to the top of the list!

I Don’t Have The Time To Grow My Instagram Account, Can You Help Me?

We certainly can! If you’re looking for help growing your account on Instagram, you can head on over to our Patreon page and select the Instagram Growth Tier and we will work with you to grow your Instagram account.


Thank you so much for reading our first article ever! If you have enjoyed it, please drop us a comment bellow and let us know what you thought.


Have a beautiful day,

James D Hodge.