My name is Jessy – Jessiah, I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been playing piano ever since I was 6 years old. Later on I started singing and playing the guitar, the violin, viola, ukulele. For the last few months I’ve been teaching myself to play the cello.

My biggest inspiration and a favorite artist is Agnes Obel – I love the things she does. Also, I am very influenced by my music teachers.I don’t define myself with a specific genre. If I like a song I just like it.

My passion these last 3 years is my bedroom studio. I record, edit and mix all my instruments by myself and make covers and a few original songs, that you can see on my YouTube channel. I am pretty shy and awkward on stage, especially if there isn’t an instrument to put my hands on, and I love the space of social media. It helps me fight my social anxiety and be braver when I’m performing live.

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