Hey, it’s Keo here! Born NOT raised in Wichita Kansas! I grew in too many parts of Texas to tell you but my most memorable city was Bluemound. For scary reasons. 

You will usually catch me melodically speaking at near by coffee shops or venues around town in Wichita. I gotta say if you ever get a chance to visit the music scenes of Wichita, be prepared to be welcomed and loved!

I started playing music in 8th grade. Oh the wonderful Keyboard is where it all began.



To give you a better understanding, I’m 24 almost 25. Been screaming my lungs out for lesser time.

Who are you favourite acoustic artists right now? So, Lianne La Havas, Matt Corby, and Allen Stone! Those 3 artists, I tell you, their sound create some sweet sweet flavors!

Random fact: I have a TWIN!! She plays drums and she sings too!! She really great at it but will never sing for you if you ask her to!



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